Abstract Submission Guidelines

Who can submit:

Only full ISOO Ordinary members financially in good standing may submit abstracts for scientific papers, posters, videos, and cases. Affiliate members financially in good standing are encouraged to submit abstracts for scientific posters, videos, and cases.

How to submit:

Abstract submissions will be handled online. A link will be available on your ISOO dashboard on April 1. Abstract submission ends July 15, 23:59 PST.

What can be submitted:

  • Scientific Papers: Featuring original clinical, translational, or basic sciences research.
  • Scientific Posters: Abstracts arising out of original clinical, translational, or basic sciences research with potentially image-rich presentations or pilot studies, case series, etc.
  • Scientific Videos: Creative and visually rich videos of clinical evaluation modalities, clinical conditions, treatment complications, novel surgical techniques, etc. Limited to 8 min.
  • Cases: Abstracts of cases case sets featuring unique clinical presentations, novel treatment methods, distinctive pathology, significant challenges, or critical learning points.
  • Submission Limit: Each presenting author may submit up to 8 abstracts, a maximum of two each for Papers, Posters, Videos, and Cases.
  • Title: The title should be stand-alone, without abbreviations, and limited to 150 characters (spaces included).
  • Authors: A presenting author and six co-authors can be included. Each author must have the following details: Name, Affiliation, City, Country, and e-mail. Mobile (Country-Mobile Number).
  • Abstract Structure and Length: Each abstract must not exceed 1500 characters (spaces included)
    • Scientific Paper and Poster Abstracts should be organized as follows:
      • Introduction/Purpose
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Conclusion
      • Clinical Implications
      • Scientific Video and Case Abstracts should be organized as follows:
        • Introduction/Purpose
        • Synopsis
        • Conclusion
        • Clinical Implications
    • Categories: Submissions can be made under the following categories:
      • Eyelid Tumors
      • Ocular Surface Tumors
      • Melanoma
      • Retinoblastoma
      • Other Intraocular Tumors
      • Orbital and Optic Nerve Tumors