International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO)

The International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO) is a prestigious global organization dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in the rapidly evolving field of ocular oncology. Just a few decades ago, this highly specialized subspecialty of ophthalmology was in its nascent phase, with only a handful of experts worldwide dedicated to managing eye tumors and cancers. However, as interest grew, more ophthalmologists pursued specialized training, culminating in the establishment of ISOO in 2004 in Philadelphia, U.S.A

From its humble beginnings, when ocular oncology cases were managed by general ophthalmologists and speciality training were scarce, the field has undergone remarkable progress. Dedicated fellowship programs have emerged worldwide, enabling patients to access specialized care at designated centres of excellence. Ocular oncology as a super specialty is dedicated to the management of tumours, benign or malignant involving periocular area, eyelids, ocular surface, orbit and intraocular. Research pertaining to this area is also on the rise.

ISOO unites the true visionaries and pioneers who have laid the foundation for modern ocular oncology. Legendary figures like Professor Hyla Bristow Stallard, a distinguished ophthalmic surgeon from Great Britain, Olympic athlete who was the winner of bronze medal in 1924 Paris Olympics, and a distinguished serviceman, have dedicated their lives for the advancement of the field. He is world renowned for introducing radiation therapy for malignant eye tumors. The prestigious Stallard Award, bearing his name, honours exceptional individuals whose ground breaking contributions have propelled the field forward. ISOO has played a pivotal role in uniting global experts to foster the growth of this vital specialty.

ISOO's primary mission is to advance and promote the practice of ocular oncology through fostering research, education, and interdisciplinary collaboration. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices among ophthalmologists, oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, and other healthcare professionals, ISOO plays a crucial role in improving patient care and shaping the future of this field globally.

Through its prestigious awards, educational initiatives, and commitment to driving innovation, ISOO continues to be a guiding force, ensuring ocular oncology remains at the forefront of medical advancement.